NEW YORK - NEW TENDENCIES: Marianne Friis Gallery, Copenhagen, DK

An exhibition of New York painting. March 15, 2012: Marianne Friis Gallery Copenhagen, DK

Marianne Friis Gallery is proud to present the group exhibition NEW YORK – NEW TENDENCIES. The exhibition shows painting and works on paper by five Brooklyn based artists – both young and well established.

The young artist Jane Corrigan (1980) creates figurative paintings with an outset in literary classics, fables and made up scenarios.
The works of Corrigan reminds the viewer of another time and the imagination of childhood. This is the first exhibition for Corrigan in Europe.

Daniel Heidkamp (1980) also paints figuratively, but with an outset in reality. Outdoor scenarios, normally depicted from friends’ estates, and portraiture done in a few hours in his Greenpoint based studio are his main motives. Heidkamp often works with time as a factor trying to capture light and shadow before these changes. Heidkamp is occupied with room, nature and structure and masters light and shadow to perfection.

In the exhibition it will also be possible to experience three artists who work with abstraction.

Matt Mignanelli (1983) explores the relation between structure and nature. Carefully painted by free hand these works remind of computer games and graphic computer generated images. Mignanelli studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, and he can be seen painting in the video ”Declare Independence”, by Bjørk, directed by Michel Gondry.

Ryan Wallace (1977) also explores surface, texture and nuances. Wallace’s works are precisely arranged, but yet random implications and controlled accidents. His works are visual solutions to systemic considerations. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, and received the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant last year.

Last but not least, with a starting point in pop culture, Michael Bevilacqua (1966) creates self-referential works. Rock and punk, graffiti and DIY culture are sources of inspiration to Bevilacqua. He incorporates elements, be it song lyrics, names of bands (like Joy Division that reappears in several of his paintings) or graffiti paint sprayed upon layers of oil painting. To Bevilacqua it is the process and development of his oeuvre that is the number one priority.
Pop culture remains the point of departure but the expressions change. In 2005 Louisiana showed Michael Bevilacqua as the first in their new series ”Louisiana Contemporary”.

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